X-Y Stage Micro Topper

X-Y Stage Micro Topper

Polarizing microscope instruments achieved simple operation and high accuracy.


By using two stepping motors to drive the linear motion of the XY stage, Micro Topper has achieved an easy step selection and step operation with high accuracy. In particular, it has a thin design for use by mounting the rotation stage of the polarizing microscope, and is designed not to interfere with operations of the objective lens of the microscope revolver rotation.
In addition, XY stage is driven in conjunction with the personal computer, only by performing the input of the 10 key points by the program counter, the total data of each of 10 types will be saved to a file. In this program, it displays the number of the preset number of measurement points, during the measurement, and warning of the end of measurement. It reads in the spreadsheet software data, immediate data processing is possible. We publish the specifications of the original software development and also to be able to use the RS-232C. The size of the glass slide that can be used is 28x48mm.

Equipment configuration

(1) 1 X-Y Stage (control box for connecting cable)1 X-Y Stage

(2) 1 control box (for PC connection cable, power cable)control box

(3) Control Software (CD-ROM) 1 piece ((Windows 98 or later 7,8), MacOS9, MacOSX10.2 later compatible,) Supports Vista


X-Y stage (X-axis, Y-axis) 22mm: movable range
(X-axis, Y-axis) 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5mm: step value
Weight / size X-Y stage 211 X 136 X 23 mm / 0.8Kg
Control box 200 x 160 x 120 mm / 1.8Kg
Power AC100V (0.9A)

※UK J. Swift & Son Ltd Co. If the mounting holes for the counter is not empty, you need to machining drilled hole in the rotation stage separately. (Extra charge)

stage to the polarizing microscope
This is an example of mounting the
stage to the polarizing microscope.

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