Privacy Policy・Security Policy

Privacy Policy

Iida Electronic Co., Ltd. is committed to everything in our power to provide products and services to our customers in agreed time with protection of users and customer's information.
This time, in order to strengthen the protection of personal information proper handling of personal information we established a Privacy Policy with proper system and rules appropriate to the business purposes of the company. In this policy the customer engaged to the company comply to protect our products and our services information therefore the company will also protect the personal information of the customers with assurance.

Personal Information Protection

In practice of this policy under the personal information appointed representatives of the company will manage internal system that clarifies the rules and responsibilities.

Safety Management of Personal Information

The proper management in case of unauthorized access, theft or leakage loss, destruction, falsification, etc. all personal information will take the necessary preventive and corrective measures. Also, if you want to outsource your personal information, it is possible to conclude a confidentiality agreement, appropriate management is carried out the company will control and supervise.

Compliance with other norms and laws regarding personal information.

The "Law on the protection of personal information", the company will comply with the norms and regulations on the protection of personal information of the customers.

Continuous improvement of compliance

Laws and regulations surrounding the business, in response to changes in the social environment and changes in the business firm the company continuously improve reviews of the compliance of personal information.

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