• Displacement inspection apparatus using pneumatic and voltage control
  • High-speed interlock device according to the optical signal / analog signal
  • Multi-axis motion control device using a stepping motor
  • Rotator phase control apparatus using a servo motor
  • Multi-channel digital signal test equipment


Our company make system design and develop apparatus for implementing the functions that the end-user desire with good development efficiency, and flexibility.
LabVIEW (distributor Nippon National Instruments Inc.) use as a major development tools in our company in order to meet the requirements of the customer. LabVIEW can be developed in integrated programs with a graphical user interface. A user interface screen is called a front panel, a program screen which contains the graphical source code called the block diagram. All of the objects placed on the front panel will appear on block diagram as terminals.

Front panel
Front panel
Block diagram
Block diagram

For instructions, such as repeated loops and conditional judgment is also displayed. It is easily to recognize and understand the overall content of the program compared to the descriptive development language such as C language.

In this block diagram, the loop is repeatedly surround with a conditional judgment contain within.
When the press button pressed the true condition of judgment is executed then.

block diagram

LabVIEW features program visibility and concentrate on developing to achieve functionality with higher reduction of development time. LabVIEW is develop and use from the standpoint of the end-user.

Equipment development example

  • Multi-channel timing measurement device
    (measurement conditions by measuring the time interval of the high-voltage input signal of 640ch, make the admission decision, and to read and write at the EXCEL file measurement results)

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Front panel
Front panel
(By extracting the necessary information for the user to improve in workability by displaying)
Block diagram
Block diagram
(a scalable program by managing the tasks by function which is given, you can add or change the function flexibly)

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